2020 / 2021

The rich and important legacy of the title European Capital of Culture – Plovdiv 2019 has many dimensions for the city and Kapana is one of them.

  • In November 2020 Kapana – Creative District was selected, after a successful bid of Plovdiv 2019 Foundation, and included in a catalogue featuring 32 good practices of Cultural Heritage in Action. See details here.
  • In 2021, after 5 years, Plovdiv 2019 Foundation made an update to the 2016th mapping of Kapana Creative District.

Of the 23 streets in the territory of KAPANA, 12 are entirely pedestrian, 7 are mixed and 4 are fully accessible by car. According to the cadastral map of the neighbourhood and additional fieldwork, a total of 334 buildings/properties have been mapped inside the district, of which 17 are entirely residential, 175 have mixed functions and 142 have entirely public/non-residential functions.

606 is the total number of active locations/businesses in Kapana. From these, 179 meet the classification criteria for creative industries. In the district, there are 24 galleries, 11 music clubs. There are 45 restaurants / fast food spots, and 64 cafes/bars/pastries. The total retail outlets representing non-creative industries is 315.

83 are currently non-functioning sites – some of them are in the process of renovation or construction, others are looking for tenants or buyers, and a third are abandoned. 33 are spaces, both on the first and on the upper floors, which are used as service or storage premises in the service of businesses. Full description /In Bulgarian language/ and the results of the mapping you can find Kapana_Mapping 2021 – 2016.