About The Project

About The Project

"Kapana- Creative District"

The purpose of the Project Kapana Creative District is to develop the potential of this central urban zone as an area of discovery, innovation and experimentation in the sphere of culture, cultural management and the creative industries.

The project is part of the programme of Plovdiv- European Capital of Culture in the cluster “Urban Dreams” dedicated to long- term and sustainable interventions in the urban landscape, reinvention and revitalization of the desolated spaces and providing them with new cultural functions.

Watch and participate! Inspire and produce! Mix it up! Listen and play!

Visual Identity

Most similar districts around the world offer to the visitor a complete product which can be experienced or seen but rarely the chance of being part of the creation. Kapana is still work in progress in search of its identity and vibe.

That is why its visual identity invites you to visit and experience the place on the one hand or become part of its creation and development on the other.

You are free to choose and switch roles- an inspired spectator or a searching creator. Kapana is presented in layers, symbolizing its cultural coherence and diversity.