Kapana – part of the professional development and scientific analyses

The European Capital of Culture initiative and its specific projects are often the center of interest for professional development and analysis of BA, MA, and PhD students.

Numerous interesting, in-depth and important studies, overview comparative analyzes, and visionary projects have been presented by BA, MA, and PhD students directly or indirectly affecting the European Capital of Culture project in Bulgaria and some of its focuses and key projects. Two of the most important segments in the Urban Dreams cluster on the Transform platform in the Plovdiv 2019 programme were Kapana and Tobacco City. Both key projects have aroused and continue to provoke great interest. We have previously published some of the works of graduates and doctoral students who were willing to share and present their work after it had been successfully presented in Bulgarian and international universities and academies. In the web-site dedicated to the Tobacco City, you can find a special section Shared Ideas, which features many pieces on the subject.

Now we present the thesis of Kalina Lambreva – The effect of Plovdiv’s participation in the ECOC project on the deteriorating cultural heritage in Kapana, defended at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies Erasmus University Rotterdam.