Buzludzha’s Unwritten stories

A campaign to collect oral history related to the Buzludzha monument begins on July 2nd, 2020.
If you were involved in the construction or use of the building, if you participated in the opening ceremony or any other event, if you have your own personal story related to the place or know a person who does, then please contact us.

The Buzludzha monument is one of the most exceptional modern monuments in Bulgaria and in the world. Examining the various technical aspects of the building in recent months, we realize that it is not just art and architecture, not only construction and landmark. The monument was and still is part of the life of many Bulgarians. This is also one of the reasons for its significance. We have the unique chance to be contemporaries of the people who built, used, and empathized with the building. These stories are important, but they disappear, untold and undocumented. Our goal is to create a dialogue between the generations because we believe that the conversation about the future of the building inevitably begins with a conversation about its past.

As part of the preparation of the “Conservation Management Plan” for the Buzludzha monument, we want to learn more details about the building, to hear how it was perceived and what was its significance for people’s lives. Get involved in the project by sharing your memories with us. Send us photos, documents, objects related to the monument. Every single story or artifact is valuable to us. The stories can be in video or other formats, and the author has the right to remain anonymous.

During the campaign, we will visit the towns around Buzludzha to hear and record the unwritten stories of the locals. Tell us your story on:
16th of July in Plovdiv, Gallery “Arsenal of Art”, St. Magura 4
17th of July in Stara Zagora, Regional Library “Zaharii Knyazhevski”, 44 Ruski Blvd
18th of July in Kazanlak, Literary and Art Museum “Chudomir”, St. Trapezitsa 6
19th of July in Gabrovo, Art gallery “Hristo Tsokev”, St. Kiril and Metodii 10

In order to avoid waiting and to prevent the gathering of many people at the same time, the interviews will be conducted with an appointment. Contact us:
mobile ‪+359883346496
email my.buz.story@gmail.com
postbox St. Serdika 25, 1202 Sofia, for Buzludzha Project foundation

The campaign will continue until the end of August 2020 and to see the news and updates about it, follow us on Facebook and on the project’s website.

We recall that about a year ago an international team of experts started working on the preparation of the “Conservation Management Plan” of the Buzludzha monument. The project is coordinated by the Buzludzha Project Foundation under the supervision of ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) with academic partners from the University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia and the Technical University of Munich.

To learn more about this project, watch this new video.