Kapana Map is an interactive online map from 2014 which shows all the things you can see in Kapana. The map is created by the team of ONE ARCHITECTURE WEEK and is based on a survey carried out by the students of the university research project- Kapana Possible. The map shows all the available services you can find in the neighborhood as well as the vacant or derelict locations.

The map is divided into a number of categories- Crafts, Restaurants, Shops, Services, Art and Culture, and Empty. Another category shows the events organized by EDNO in Kapana. The buildings listed as cultural heritage are also marked on the map. Additionally, the categories are subdivided into different groups according to their economic functions. Each category can be zoomed in or out for a better view of the locations. The Art and Culture section designates the ten locations that have been given for a year’s rent on the initiative of Municipal Foundation Plovdiv 2019- Kapana Creative District.

The map is available to everyone and every location spot has been provided with brief information which you can see after you click on it. This is the first version of the map so there could be some mistakes. You can see the map HERE.

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