Bluebeard- A Marriage without a Fairytale

Is it trusting or simply a dangerous provocation to give that forbidden key to your beloved ones?
How does love get deformed to the point of domestic violence?
What is the power of the victim and the weakness of the abuser?

Bluebeard- A Marriage without a Fairytale is a site-specific performance with a focus on violence in intimate life.
The project makes a parallel between the worrying, sometimes deadly, phenomenon in the modern world and the archetypal situations and symbols of the French tale “Blue Beard”.

In an interactive way, through the direct involvement of the audience in an acting and artistic installation, the spectacle examines the nature of social tolerance towards sexist attitudes and violent behavior in Bulgaria (a consequence of misunderstood patriarchal values in Bulgarian society).

Created by:
Ivelina Koleva (actress), Elena Dimitrova (actress), Bogdana Kotareva (actress), Mila Lutzkanova (actress), Erwin Toul (live music and composition), Teodora Lazarova (artist’s installation and costumes) and Vasilena Radeva (director).

The show is on April 4th and 5th, 2018 at 18h and at 20 h in KANAPE – Vibrant Media. The number of spectators is limited to 30 people per spectacle. Please request your visit by sending a message to the Facebook profile of Kapana Creative District / Капана – квартал на творческите индустрии or email or phone us at + 359 877 842 426.

The project is part of the official program of Пловдив – Европейска столица на културата 2019 / Plovdiv 2019 ECOC, part of the flagship project Kapana Creative District / Капана – квартал на творческите индустрии, Focus- French Culture, implemented in partnership with Institut français de Bulgarie
In partnership with Animus Association Foundation.