ME in #Kapana. Opportunity


Photo credit: Todor Nenov
Angel Andreev / Owner of Bakery for Craft Coffee
Kapana in one word: Opportunity

Kapana is the place where people can trace and see the whole process from the making to the shelf. It is already two years since I am baking craft coffee in Plovdiv and more precisely in Kapana, this is the only place, where this can happen and be cherished.

The visitors are such kind of people – loving the experiment, curious and intelligent. Kapana is already bigger than Plovdiv as city and managed to become nationally important, it will soon become bigger than Bulgaria, as a country, and will attract from all around the world, those people who want to make different, more nice and more interesting things. There are hardly another place, where I can see more friendly and more positive people than the one I see in Kapana.

The series is part of the Entrappe/e Enter the Trap exhibition.

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