About The Project

The purpose of the Project Kapana Creative District is to develop the potential of this central urban zone as an area of discovery, innovation and experimentation in the sphere of culture, cultural management and the creative industries.

The project is part of the programme of Plovdiv- European Capital of Culture in the cluster “Urban Dreams” dedicated to long- term and sustainable interventions in the urban landscape, reinvention and revitalization of the desolated spaces and providing them with new cultural functions.

Kapana Creative District is an initiative that aims to activate the potential of the Kapana’s area in Plovdiv by using integrative activities to develop the zone as the first district area of the creative industries in the country.

Kapana creative district is a long- standing project which intends to attract brains and talents that will represent the creative industries in one of the central, but quiet parts of the city, from all over the country and abroad, by providing supportive and stimulating environment for their development.

Considering the specific history, architecture and the peculiar character of Kapana district, the activities of this project will have a desire to prevent, to renovate and to explore this symbolical for the history of our city- Plovdiv, venue.

The purpose of the project is to transform Kapana’s area into international laboratory and place for exploration, for innovations and experiment in the field of the creative industries and cultural management. With its activities, Kapana Creative district settles as an attractive place for artists, curators, cultural managers, artisans, architects, software specialists, urbanists, writers and musicians from the whole country and will become a recognizable international center.

In long- term perspective the project aims to transform Kapana district into popular and desired brand in national and international context, which will draw the attention and the interest of tourists and of different representatives of the creative industries from all around the world.

Kapana Creative District Project is by all means THE Flagship project of Plovdiv 2019 since its implementation started already in the preparation phase of the city as a candidate and continues successfully as a leading key project in the official programme of Plovdiv 2019.

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