The events in Post- culture scene for the weekend.

Welcome to the last concert of season 2016- 2017.

Music can take you on a thousand paths, and sometimes these paths seem too attractive. The involve you, they take your last breath and the day from a full 24h experience becomes just some mere moments. Whilst the joy of living is always waiting behind a corner, then slowly creeps up and the suddenly disappears into thin air leaving only the strongest of memories and the obligation to reproduce this moment as accurately as possible.
On the 27th of may we are going to have the pleasure to present the first album of Artificial Lungs, and also our special guest from Istanbul- Housing Crash.

Artificial Lungs- (alternative rock/blues)

Housing crash- (shoegaze/noisepop)

Artificial lungs will present the first self- titled album which has been a topic of conversations for the last few months and is anticipated with all ears. The introduction at the top of the description was exclusively targeted at that which happened and is still happening with Ando, Itso, Ivo and Iskren. All of whom are “agents” from other alternative underground projects. The idea of the album is to legitimize the band as a living functioning structure. To be in a way a showcase of that which the band can do. The album contains 7 original songs and a bonus track. The lead singer Ando says about the album that the idea is for it to be a closed circuit. With the beginning and the end tied together. “Home” which is the first track of the album is also the last, but an alternative version of it. Thus showing the conceptual idea of the album. There is only one song which is in Bulgarian and that is due to the fact that “it was unsingable in any other language”.

Our special guestс from Housing Crash, on the other hand are a mongrel of musicians who have lived in Great Britain, Turkey, Russia, Greece, Swaziland, Morocco, St. Kitts and Nevis even Greenlad. And they make exactly the music that you would expect from such a melting pot. First you have a dirty sounding westerny shoegaze and garage rock played by the likes of Sonic Youth and Dr. Junior , and turning their face you see the post- punk/post- hardcore influences by the Jesus Lizard and the Steve Albini family. There is also a spice of indie, also some Mark Laneganish Grundge. Everything you could wish for.

This is the last concert for season 2016- 2017. Thank god!

Jokes aside. Thank you for supporting us! We would have done nothing without you!

Doors- 19:30

Start- 20:00

Entry- 6BGN

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