Results of the Open Call for Kapana.

The open call to participate in the third phase of the competition for funding proposals under the project of “Plovdiv 2019”- “Kapana Creative District”, direction “Kapana: Events and Interventions in Public Spaces” received 27 proposals. The jury chose to support nine projects, among which to allocate the grant of 20 000 lv and offer two reserves. Conceptual proposals of the candidates covered all levels set out in the terms of the invitation- interventions in a public environment, urban gardening, active interaction of participants, educational initiatives, artistic interventions in urban environments, workshops and demonstrations.

The favorites of the jury of this competition brought several essential features that neighborhood Kapana carries as a potential or displayed as necessary, namely: cultural revival of physical objects that gives life to the neighborhood; Lack of “green” elements on the specifics of the neighborhood give particular focus on performances of urban gardening; Temporary artistic interventions in the public space, which give active impulse for the time given slot; Active educational initiatives that poses interest, provoke knowledge and gradually saturate the lack of knowledge and awareness.

The jury selects:
  1. The “5 for 4” foundation for their project “Kapana is”. Allocation of 3500BGN;
  2. Association “Theatre of fire and shadows- Fireter” project LICA/FACES/CARAS. Allocation- 5000BGN;
  3. NGO Association BioNetwork “Plant Kapana” gets 3400BGN;
  4. “Trendy KAPANA” on Alenia Ltd. receives support of 2,000BGN;
  5. NGO “School Board of art schools” for “Celebration in a Box” received 1,300BGN;
  6. 1000BGN received the project of “Dirya”- “Urban composting”;
  7. Workshop and demonstration of Chiprovo carpets ET “CHUSHKARCHETO” supported by 1,000BGN;
  8. The interactive educational project “Eco School PLOVEDIV” of “Kontrabranda” Ltd. receives 1,800BGN;
  9. Workshops for carving candles “Ethno Style” Ltd. with support from 1000BGN;

The jury selected reserve projects of the “Plovdiv Photography Centre” for a series of photographic exhibitions and outdoor Association “Key- Turn” for performances for children and adults.

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