Kapana creative district starts the year with a creative workshop.

The visitors of KAPANA Creative district will have the unique opportunity to discover the art of old Venetian artisans and the history of Carving this weekend in Candle house.

On 28 of January at 12:30 pm, studio “Fire throughout the ages” will provide the handmade gifts and souvenir’s lovers an opportunity to create their own boutique candle and thus experience Kapana as real creative playground.

Special techniques, experimenting with colours and shapes and the symbol of the candle itself will be presented during the workshop by the carving artist Maria Argirova. Special activities and lessons for carving- modeling at home will be provided for the little ones.

Those who wish to join the studio “Fire throughout the ages” can declare their participation here.

The workshop is the first one of a series of initiatives dedicated on training, presentations and work with children, which will take place throughout the year in Candle House in KAPANA. The event take place within the project “Fire throughout the ages”, which is one of the nine approved for funding projects by the “Plovdiv 2019” for “KAPANA- Creative district”.


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