Kapana Is!

“Kapana is” is a cultural festival dedicated to a multi- genres activities- music, theatre, crafts, education and sports. Its specific feature is that it will be conducted indoors.

The festival will be situated in seven locations each dedicated to one of the following themes: Kapana is Music /with guitar and DJ lessons/; Kapana is Games /chess, bridge, board games and computer games competitions/; Kapana is Dancing /tutorials in folklore, latin and modern dance/; Kapana is Art /painting, theatre and photography/; Kapana is Nature /presentations of travelers, eco organizations and mountain guides/; Kapana is Gastronomy /open-cooking mastery and degustations/; Kapana is Cinema /cinema lectures and movie projections/.

The festival will take place on 1st and 2nd of April 2017 and the event in the social media you can find here.

The programme you can find HERE.

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