Forum2019 Kapana

Forum2019 Kapana visits the #TobaccoCity

Open discussion and presentation by Petar Radev, 4th-year Tourism Management student in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. For his graduation project, he chose to design a marketing plan which promotes Kapana Creative District to the Western European tourist and the Dutch Millenials in particular. The project is based according to the preconditions of the university and the presents the foundation Plovdiv 2019 in the role of the client.

We want to invite all of you who have interests in how we can make the most colorful Plovdivian neighborhood even more famous and recognizable among the new generation of tourists.

On 27/09/2018 (Thursday) there will be a presentation and discussion of this topic, where the results from the research as well as the ideas from the marketing plan will be presented. You are welcomed to share your points of view and give a feedback. The place is #SKLAD – the new office of Plovdiv 2019 in the Tobacco City and the time is 17:30.

The events are part of the educational platform FORUM 2019 of Пловдив 2019 / Plovdiv 2019 foundation which includes a series of seminars and other events with a focus on Plovdiv’s title as European Capital of Culture (ECoC). The topics, presented and discussed on FORUM2019, are closely related to the Plovdiv ECoC 2019 programme and aim at stimulating professional debate and experience and knowledge exchange in the cultural and arts sector in Bulgaria.