Me in #Kapana.Experience

ALL-SELLING at Zagreb street in Kapana Creative District
Kapana in one word: Experience
The Fathеr / Nedyalko Kostov, Age 76/

There is not even one small thing in Kapana which I dislike. I have grown up here and since my childhood the district had changed, yet not much. Its purpose is different nowadays. Back then there were small workshops and all the artisans placed their good directly on the streets, some of them even worked outside. I so much enjoyed watching them. My grandmother used to call me “Kapana Dog you have become” – a puppy from Kapana. So as a native Plovdivian I am connected with Kapana.

The Son /Sasho Kostov/

This shop is a dream come true. I don’t have a favourite stuff, I love all and as my father taught me – if you like something in such kind of a shop – you become a collector not a seller. We gather treasures, people come and find their own treasure. I personally would like the artisanship to be reborn, everyone to show what he can and to create. Kapana enchants me with the magic in the small streets where you can play, run, make love, drink, laugh, communicate, make friends – truly amazing place.

The series is part of the exhibition Entrappe/e Влез в Капана

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