ME in #Kapana.

Photo credit: Todor Nenov
Ivaylo Dernev /Kapana BG media, Pod Tepeto and Cat and Mouse Bar
Kapana in one word: Potenital

I am co-owner of the Cat and Mouse Bar and the medias, whose offices are situated above the bar. We are in Kapana for already 3 years. It is a not a simple coincidence that our media is called Kapana.BG it is created before the start of the transformation of the district and the turning of the streets into pedestrian. We were sure that this potential, sooner or later would be unleashed, as it happened. Kapana is a special different place in Plovdiv. Each morning when I am coming to work and dive in the neighbourhood it is as if I am taking breathing in another kind if air and I don’t want this to change! This is a place for a different kind of feelings, different kind of urban culture, and for creative people, more open to the world and looking for the change.

The series is part of the exhibition Entrappe/e Влез в Капана.

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