Enter the Trap. Online

Enter the Trap
Exhibition from 26th September till 14th October 2017 in the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Paris.

Invited by and in partnership with the Bulgarian Cultural Institute Paris, Foundation Plovdiv 2019 had represented Bulgaria in the 16th edition of the Week of Foreign Cultures, which takes place annually in Paris. The exhibition Enter the Trap is dedicated to one of the flagship projects of European Capital of Culture Plvodiv 2019 – Kapana Creative District / Капана – квартал на творческите индустрии . The event is part of the large-scale cultural event La Semaine des cultures étrangères 2017, organized by the Forum of Foreign Cultural Institutes in Paris in collaboration with the French Ministry of Culture and the Paris City Hall.

Every year, this initiative has a different theme, and for 2017 the theme is “The Street”.
Plovdiv 2019 is honored to present the Kapana Creative District as vibrant urban center, maintaining and developing the specific urban cultural environment of Plovdiv. The exposition present the history of the district and the different layers of development of the project.

More about the project can be found here:
Institut Français de Bulgarie
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Programme de la Semaine des cultures étrangères 2017 

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Here you can  enter the Trap online: