ME in #Kapana. Trap

Photo credit: Todor Nenov
Margarita Georgieva / The Tea House
Kapana in one word:  trap

The memories I have from the Kapana are from my childhood when I was walking here with my grandfather, and I well remember the many craftsmen and merchants, as if they were gathered here from all over the world. 30 years later we offer now here tea from all around the world, what are the very visitors of Kapana – Armenians, Turks, Bulgarians, French, people from India, Afghanistan, Greece… Kapana is a trap. And its name is so appealing. Because when a foreigner, or a person from another city in Bulgaria, enters the district and gets lost in it he for sure finds both the right direction both outside and inside.

АЗ В #КАПАНА е поредица за хората в квартала на творческите индустрии и е част от изложбата Entrappe/e Влез в Капана.

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