ME in #Kapana. Craft


Photo credit: Todor Nenov
Kaloyan Mateev / The Bakery
Kapana in one word: Craft

Kapana is not a new invention as a district, this is the place where the craftsmen used to live and work for many years. All the workshops were on the first floors and above were the apartments where the artisans and their families were living. My name is Kaloyan Mateev and I live in Kapana and I run the Kapana bakery.

Our dough rises for 22-24 hours. The oven we work with is the same one that people were making bread 200 years ago – with home-made bricks. Its weight is 19 tones and for it we only use oak wood. Each detail matters. My bakery master id from France and this makes everyone smile, since while all are making their way to Europe I managed to find two people from Paris who work in Kapana.

The series is part of the Entrappe/e Влез в Капана.

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