Plovdiv 2019 Foundation is in Paris with an exhibition for Kapana.

“Enter the Trap” (ENTRAPPÉ/E) is the exhibition with which Plovdiv is representing Bulgaria in the 16th Week of International Cultures in Paris.

For a month the exhibition organised by Plovdiv 2019 Foundation and the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris present the project Kapana Creative District with 20 panels in Bulgarian, French and English languages. The history of the artisan quarter, the moments of crises in its past, its revealing in the context of the initiative European Capital of Culture, the dreams and the memories of its current inhabitants – all these are part of the exhibition. The turning of the street net into the first creative district in Bulgaria starts with the application of the city for the prestigious European title and has now reached the status of the most attractive spot in the city.

The exposition presents also the new visual identity of the district, which invites the visitor to feel the place and become part of its creation. The audio installation “The sound of Plovdiv – Kapana” made by Lina Krivoshieva and the video installation “Live in Kapana” of the creative team People of Plovdiv, represent the layers of the time, the colours and the sounds of the streets in the artistic district.

The Week of the International Cultures this year has the theme “The Street”. The event is organised annually by the foreign cultural institutes in the French capital, together with the municipality of Paris and the Ministry of Culture in France. Invited by the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris, Plovdiv 2019 Foundation interpreted the theme with one of its flagship projects from the Transform platform of the programme of Plovdiv European Capital of Culture.

The official opening was made by Dr Svetlana Kuyumdzhieva, artistic director of Plovidv 2019 was in the gallery of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Paris in the presence of official guests from Bulgaria and France. The exposition will last till 10th October and after Paris it will be presented in other cultural Institutes and Embassies in Europe.

You can see the exhibition also online HERE.

More about the event HERE.



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